Thursday, January 8, 2015

INTRODUCTIONS // 5 random facts

What better way to get to know the girl behind the blog than by sharing random facts about myself?

1. I am homeschooled. I've been homeschooled all my life, save two years where I went to a private school. I believe in all honesty that my love for creative things was nurtured because I had the opportunity to tend to it instead of spending 8 hours a day in classes. I've loved almost every minute of it (those pesky math problems in geometry often took away my joy), and I have to admit that I am quite sad that I am beginning my last semester of high school. It's been quite a journey, and I will definitely be making the decision to home school my own children someday. 

2. I am going to college in Virginia. This Florida girl is taking a big leap of faith and moving to Virginia in August for college. I am so excited to start the next chapter of my life, and even more excited to be able to do it in the beautiful state of Virginia. I loved the roads paved through the forest (Rachel Coker said during her Dream Factory Workshop that it was as if, instead of tearing down the forest to make roads, the builders cut out just enough space for roads in the forest), the autumn festivities, the lush mountains, and everything in-between. I do, however, have to confess I am quite terrified of the coming winter months. I'm not used to incredibly cold weather (right now, the coldest it has gotten in Florida was last night, and it was only 38 degrees), and when I checked my phone to see what the temperature was like in the town I'm moving to, it displayed to me a number I didn't even know was possible: 16 degrees! Whoever thought a Florida girl would be moving up to Virginia?

3. I love to read. Reading is something I have always done. I love the emotions, scenery, tastes, smells, and feelings you experience as you read. Books truly are our only form of "magic", because just by paging through a book, you can be whisked away to faraway lands. My favorite novels to this date are The Lord of the Rings, The Inheritance Cycle, and The Chronicles of Narnia. I'm currently reading the Harry Potter series, and so far I love it (I might make a post on my views on fantasy as a Christian).

4. I have incredibly curly hair. In case you couldn't tell by the title or URL of my blog, and in case you scrolled past my photograph, I'll just let you know that I have really curly hair. When I was younger, I cried every time I looked in the mirror. Big, bushy masses of hair covered my head and protruded from every angle (I looked like Hagrid after coming back from exploring the forest). My mom spent hours upon hours consoling me and coming up with solutions for my hair. We never put any product in it (mainly because nobody else in the family had hair like mine), and the most my mom could do was brush it out to look somewhat decent and then put a bow in it. I cried more about my hair than about anything, and it wasn't until the I was in the 6th grade and discovered the straightener that I truly felt satisfied with my hair. I spent hours flattening my hair, then pulled it back into a ponytail (because it never truly stayed straight... it always frizzed right up within an hour). I brought the straightener with me everywhere, never wanting to leave the house without it. I straightened my hair so much that pretty soon it was stringy, thin, limp, and dull-looking. My mom convinced me to give up my straightening days in the 9th grade, and I've never looked at a straightener since then. In the 9th grade, I left my hair curly (after putting in so much product it was as stiff as a board) but still kept it in a slicked-back ponytail. It wasn't until I saw the movie Brave, and then saw Celtic Woman at my local theater that I felt okay with letting my hair be. Now, I've developed a strict hair routine that I follow and works out marvelously for me. I love my hair, and I will never waste a second straightening it again.

5. I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ and that He saved me. I believe that He came as a baby, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life (but was tempted in every way we are), died on the cross, and rose again 3 days later. I believe in everything the Bible teaches and says, from the earth being created in 6 days time, to Jonah being swallowed by a fish. If you would like to know more about my faith, please click here. I'm also always available to talk to anyone who has questions.

I am so excited to begin this journey blogging! Will you join me?


  1. firstly, my stars, you are beautiful. i absolutely adore curly hair... mine used to be straight, but about a year and half ago, it suddenly decided to curl, and it still annoys me sometimes, but i'm learning to love it (as i learn how to control it. haha.) curly is hair is fun. and your hair is absolutely lovely. ;)

    second, welcome to the wondrous world of blogging! ;) i am so glad you started a blog, and i look forward to reading your future posts. ;) xox

    1. And the award for the best comment goes to... YOU.<3

      You pretty much made my night. :) Thank you for such a sweet comment! And your hair is gorgeous!