Editing Services
I know how difficult it can be to put your pen to the paper. I know the struggles in planning, plotting, outlining, and even typing up your manuscript. But once you have it all typed up, what's next? How do you go about advancing your work? 

I'm here for you. With years of writing knowledge, I'm here to spot every typo, grammar mistake, or missed punctuation mark. I am passionate about taking your writing to the next level and making sure that it is polished up to send in to agents, publishing companies, or to have it self-published. Currently being trained in the area, my expertise is editing all sorts of novels, and I would love to help you with yours!

Interested in having your masterpiece edited?
 Let's talk! Contact me at littlecurlyfawn(at)gmail(dot)com.

What I do:
I edit and proofread any of the following:
  • essays
  • novels
  • short stories
  • novellas
  • poems
  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • non-fiction books
  • query letters
  • cover letters
Content edit: $1 per page
Grammar edits: $1 per page

For a free estimation, contact me at the email listed above and attach the first five pages of your manuscript for a free estimation of a cost. Please be sure to include the page count and word count in the email.

For a free sample edit, contact me at the email listed above and attach the first five pages of your manuscript. 

All pages must be double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font with a "1 margin.

What you can expect:
I search your writing for every misplaced comma, change in voice, and grammar mistake. I read and reread your work until it is flowing as smoothly as it possibly can. I look for mistakes in point-of-view changes and character development. I help you examine your writing with a fresh pair of eyes and get your work prepared for what I know you are capable of. 

Email me at littlecurlyfawn(at)gmail(dot)com and let's chat!

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